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if you’re a customer and you’re rude to me i’ll tell you that the thing you’re looking for is across the store because fuck you

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Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka reenact the spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp

please tell me again how these adorable idiots are ruining the sanctity of marriage cause i’ll i see is a hella lot of cuteness

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I’ve never been more emotional about any social media post in my entire life

UPDATE: guys Beth Broderick tweeted yesterday that this Salem is THE SAME SALEM!!! He’s 20 years old man!!!! 20!

That Salem is still kicking is all I care about.

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when u make a mistake


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Holland Roden, shopping Parker clothing, attends The Launch of Parker on Spring at The A List on September 16, 2014

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“Anyone can love a rose, but it takes a lot to love a leaf. It’s ordinary to love the beautiful, but it’s beautiful to love the ordinary.” —Unknown  (via amoriia)

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